Learn CSS - free tutorials

What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a presentational language that is used to style HTML web pages. Without these styles, a plain HTML document would just look like a page of text when viewed in a web browser, so CSS is used to describe the visual styles on every website. CSS files use a .css file extension.

What is CSS used for?

CSS is used to style web pages including defining the visual layout of the content, the colours, font sizes, spacing around elements, hover styles and more. CSS is what makes a website look good and seem well-designed so it is crucial for designing a good website.

How to learn CSS

You can start learning CSS online with text-based tutorials and references or video tutorials. As you learn, I'd recommend designing your own projects as it helps you put layout, color and typography ideas into practice and remember more of what you learned.

When learning CSS, you will be learning things like how to select HTML elements with element, id, and class selectors, how to write each CSS rule to change the styles of your element or page like color: #000;, and selector specificity.

You can start learning CSS on websites like W3Schools and MDN web docs or if you're looking for video tutorials, you can learn CSS on Treehouse, which is where I learned to code. With Treehouse you can learn CSS by watching video tutorials, following along by writing the code yourself, and completing code challenges and quizzes to help you solidify what you learned. You'll also earn badges for each section of each course that you complete, which you can then show to potential employers with your Treehouse profile.

By using my link, you can get your first month free on Treehouse with either the "courses" or "courses plus" plan.